The Via Codigo mentorship program connects reknown developers around the world with our students. It presents to the students the opportunities thata ppear when joining the programming world and connects them with professionals that don’t judge them by their past, they just want to help them develop a new future.

Gonçalo, Front-end Developer at BridgeU y Recurse Center alumnus, London

How do you think Web Development can help the students ar VC to change their lifes?

I believe learning how to code is incredibly empowering, you basically have the ability to create tools and products out of thin air. With a lot of time, thinking, and perseverance, you created something that can help you or other people. That’s a very powerful skill.

What excites you the most about being a mentor for Via Codigo?

Getting the chance of giving back to the community is satisfying. It’s also an opportunity to welcome more people into this area and making it more diverse. Tech is a very homogeneous field, unfortunately. Bringing more people from different backgrounds and experiences will improve it’s future.

What is the most important thing you have learned from programming?

Asking for help when you run into a problem is good and encouraged. That’s an opportunity to grow, to learn - it’s not a weakness. We’re better working together, we’ll go further with collaboration.

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