The Via Codigo mentorship program connects reknown developers around the world with our students. It presents to the students the opportunities thata ppear when joining the programming world and connects them with professionals that don’t judge them by their past, they just want to help them develop a new future.

Eric, Software Engineer, Backend Web Development and Data Engineer, New York

How do you think Web Development can help the students ar VC to change their lifes?

I think Via Coders is introducing the students to a skill that can open many doors for them that would not have been available to them. The first and most obvious one is the new economic opportunities it can provide to the students. In a world where technology is becoming more and more integrated into all aspects of our lives, if a student has a computer and can connect to the internet and can code, then they have the opportunity to work as a software engineer for companies all over the world.

In addition to increasing the students’ job prospects, learning to code can empower them to help their community. Whether it’s a local government or a community service organization or a school, every where they will look there will be organizations that are looking to discover new ways to use technology to improve how they do things. As coders, they can help these organizations find new ways to use technology.

Learning to code not only gives the students a path to help the people around them, it also helps the students to learn a lot about themselves in the process. As a person learns to code, they learn how to break down big, complex problems into more manageable, smaller pieces. It also gives students a pathway to express their creativity and try out new ideas.

What excites you the most about being a mentor for Via Codigo?

What excites me most about being a mentor is being able to take part in helping a person that is new to programming get to the moment where they feel like they have the power to do anything with a computer. It can be difficult to learn coding when you first start. However, I think anyone can do it if they have the dedication to learn along with the the right guidance and support. I really enjoy providing that guidance and support, and that support I believe can take many forms. It can be helping them solve a technical problem or it can be just letting them know you are there to listen.

What is the most important thing you have learned from programming?

The most valuable thing I have learned from programming is that many of life’s complicated problems are much more manageable than they look. If you can take a step back and figure out how to break that big problem into smaller, less complicated problems, then you realize you can accomplish so much more than you realized.

What do you think about Via Codigos way of generating a social impact?

I really support Vía Código’s methodology. I believe when we teach someone something new and challenging, you need to consider more than just the hard skill you are trying to teach them. There also has to be the emotional and psychological support that goes along with that process. It seems evident to me that Vía Código is considering the emotional side of learning which is too often overlooked. The other aspect of Vía Código’s methodology that I really appreciate is the principle that if a student is given a positive and supportive environment to learn in, they have an opportunity to grow no matter what has happened to them in their past. Vía Código is creating a positive environment for these students in a place that does not make it easy for them to feel good about themselves. I am very happy to be volunteering with an organization doing such wonderful and difficult work.

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